Month: February 2020


Does The Worker’s Compensation Pay For My Health Insurance?

Many individuals wonder if the workers’ compensation insurance of their employers could pay for their health insurance. Well, the exact answer is NO! Your employer may be responsible for all reasonable medical expenses for your injury that you incur during the working operations. However, this doesn’t mean that your employer may need to take charge of buying you or your family members, health insurance. The benefits of the worker’s compensation and health insurance that is considerately given to you by your employers — are two different things. Continue reading “Does The Worker’s Compensation Pay For My Health Insurance?”

Liability Insurance

How does liability car insurance work?

Liability insurance is a protection for the policyholder who is at fault in an accident. In particular, liability insurance is available to auto, homeowners, commercial, and watercraft insurance. This form of insurance has coverages that protect the policyholders from a lawsuit. There are two components of liability car insurance: bodily injury and property damage liability. Furthermore, without carrying at least a minimum amount of liability coverage, you will pay for the damages you might cause to others with a serious amount of money out of pocket.

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Workers' comp

What is the law for workers’ compensation?

Worker’s compensation or also called “worker’s comp,” is a form of compensation for employees who suffer an injury at work. Worker’s comp insurance is a requirement for employers to carry in most states especially in California. This form of compensation obtains payments for medical costs, lost wages, and occupational rehabilitation expenses regardless of who is at fault for the accident. Business owners purchase workers’ comp to prevent getting sued by their employees for negligence or other damages. 

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Workers compensation

Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance Required in California?

Every state has a different requirement for workers’ compensation insurance. In California state law, workers’ compensation is mandatory for all employers, regardless of how many employees you have. It requires a business owner to carry workers’ comp insurance for employees that regularly work in California. Additionally, the hours an employee works do not affect his or her entitlement to workers’ compensation.

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