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Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance : Coverage Insights

Liquor Liability Insurance protects any business that sells or serves alcoholic beverages. Serving alcohol is a common practice for restaurants, bars, catering companies, entertainment venues, and similar establishments. While providing a wide array of beverage options is important. Serving alcohol, in particular, can create a variety of risks for business owners. For instance, if a patron of your business becomes intoxicated and injures a third party or causes property damage. Then you could be held liable for the damages. In order to protect your business from serious financial and reputational losses, it’s important to consider purchasing liquor liability insurance.

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Business Interruption Insurance

Restaurant Risk Insights: Restaurant Security Protects Against Business Interruption

Restaurant Security Protects Against Business Interruption in 2020. Restaurants can be easy targets for thieves. Dim lighting, high traffic, and a fast-paced environment mean restaurant workers have trouble detecting and preventing theft. Fortunately, there are ways to improve security at your restaurant and avoid potential business interruptions. Read more about this article and have the best business interruption insurance in Los Angeles.

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